The art of success

We struggle throughout our lives to achieve happiness, peace and prosperity. But the journey isn’t always smooth. We stumble, fall down but keep working hard. We have launched this amazing website to help people throughout the world who have been struggling to have a better life. We aim to share ideas through which you can bring radical change in the way you live and think.

Excellence is an act of repeated habits. We are what we do and think. Throughout the history countless successful people lived and thrived. They left an important legacy behind. We aim to explore such a precious treasure and share it with today’s generation. We want to see the world where every person is living to their fullest potential.

Today i am going to share some small habits whose implementation and regular practice will definitely bring big transformation in your lives. I hope you will enjoy reading them.

  • Mindfulness
  • Kindness, love and compassion to friends, family, relatives and strangers.
  • Daily exercise
  • Nofap
  • Smiling when you meet people/strangers.
  • Running
  • Reading
  • Listen more/ talk less
  • Sing, laugh, enjoy your life journey because tomorrow is unsure.
  • Silent meditation
  • Challenge yourself everyday/ Do the things that you fear most
  • Care your personal appearance
  • Be the first to strike conversation
  • Use visualization
  • Compare yourself with yesterday
  • Practice deep breathing technique for relaxation and stress control
  • Stay on hunter state for intelligence and smartness
  • Stop multitasking. Do one thing at a time with full concentration
  • Think about your next big steps
  • Buying them and eating lunch with homeless person…….more to be added.