What things should i avoid in life?

Life is precious. Every moment counts. We always aspire to live a beautiful prosperous life but we get trapped in our old habits. We become afraid of change and don’t take strong initiatives. Lets look at some old habits that are not worth pursuing and should be avoided at any cost to live an accomplished life.

  1. Worrying about things which are beyond your control and assuming you are in control of everything.
  2. Extravagant spending on cars, house, planes, boats,etc.
  3. Become inclined towards physical beauty of opposite sex.
  4. Staying stuck in job, relationship and life you are not satisfied. Don’t fear to take action for excellence.
  5. Excessively worrying what other people might say and think about you. Reality is that almost none cares about you as they are busy thinking about their own problems.
  6. Neglecting your health and spending excessively on alcohol, smoking.
  7. Spending time watching television, social media sites rather than working to expand ones knowledge and working for achieving long term goals.

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