How to be more smarter in life?

Hi friends,

How have you been ?

Today we are going to talk about being smart/ proactive and how to beat odds of success. Success benchmark is all about setting a standards in achieving success in life.

These small hacks can bring radical change in the way you breathe your life. I hope you will enjoy reading them. I recommend you to give them a try by making small changes every day.

  1. Abandon smoking and alcohol forever.
  2. Prioritize getting sound 7/8 hours of sleep every night.
  3. Never stop learning. With knowledge comes power and opportunities.
  4. Practice regular exercise such as running, weight lifting , meditation. I particularly recommend doing Transcendental Meditation.
  • Desire to obtain knowledge not favor of people.
  • Read plenty of non- fiction books such as biographies, travel memos, journals,etc.
  • Make a habit of writing. You will thank yourself in few years down the line.
  • Always ask yourselves why in every situation. For example, why is this person saying so? Why am i living my life in this condition? It will open new vista of opportunities.
  • Stay away from excessive social media influence.
  • Learn to live away from orgasm, pornography and masturbation as much as you can.

Than you dear friends

Have a good day

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