Elon Musk: Inspirations for aspiring entrepreneur

Elon musk is the greatest innovator of our times who is striving to change destiny of human race. Elon emigrated to Canada from South Africa when he was just 17. He has showcased a brilliant journey of turmoil, struggle, endless pain and astounding prosperity through his journey of life.

Starting right from Zip2, he has left mark not only in Silicon valley but in several industries until now. He could have a relaxing life with all few hundred million that he got from Zip2 sales but he persisted in his endeavor to innovate. Eventually he succeeded to cofound and launch Paypal. It was acquired by Ebay later. This made musk pretty wealthy.

After Paypal success, Musk was looking for something new to pursue. He was interested in rockets from small age. So he decided to go after space exploration and eventually put almost half of his money on this venture. Furthermore, through deep research and networking he invested his fortune in Tesla and Solar city as well.

Musk suffered from bullying at small age during school. He couldn’t enjoy a stable relationship with his wife and girl friend. But this guy is an absolute genius. We need more leader like Musk who can take lead of humanity. Below are some snaps of what his companies have achieved currently.

He has been recognized with huge respect both in electric vehicle and space industry. Both of these industries are entirely different but through relentless dedication, effort, learning and commitment of CEO like Musk Tesla and SpaceX are hugely profitable companies now.

He has plans to colonize mars by sending spaceship to mars as well. We hope to see more marvellous feat in days to come. Musk has strongly proved to the entire world that nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams if you keep working for it. Although he encountered four big failure before successful launch of SpaceX falcon rocket, he persisted. I wish him good health and more success in days to come.

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